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Re: [tlug] Smart phone vs Tablet (and SD cards)

Darren Cook writes:
>> (Personally I think it's high time for SD cards on phones/tablets to
>> die. They are essentially floppies and serve no purpose at this
>> point.)
> You don't work for Google do you, as this appears to be the company
> line! :-)

For better or worse, I don't :)

> The lack of SD card is the biggest black mark against our Nexus 7. And
> Motorolo. And Apple. "Fill up your internal memory, then throw the whole
> machine away and buy the next shiny model."

I see your point, but the things are clunky, slow, and unreliable.
Nowadays you can sync all your media to the "cloud" (automatically,
even), and it syncs back to all the devices you have.

As for your use case, you can sync recorded programs directly from
your NAS/file server, some media players even discover and open them
directly when you are on your local network. You can share media
with other people via Dropbox/Google drive, etc. If you don't want
to give your files to X (evil?) corporation, you can always use
something like ownCloud an achieve the same thing. Not quite the
same as an SD card sneakernet, but better :)

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