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Re: [tlug] Smart phone vs Tablet (and SD cards)

> (Personally I think it's high time for SD cards on phones/tablets to
> die. They are essentially floppies and serve no purpose at this
> point.)

You don't work for Google do you, as this appears to be the company
line! :-)

The lack of SD card is the biggest black mark against our Nexus 7. And
Motorolo. And Apple. "Fill up your internal memory, then throw the whole
machine away and buy the next shiny model."

(This also explains why the SD-card related Android bugs are not getting

We've often used the SD card on our phones to shuffle things around, so
we could manage to install a new game or other app. On the Nexus, one
primary use has been watching videos and recorded TV programmes (*), and
I'm always have to plug it in to the computer and decide what to delete
to make space for something else: an SD card holding a chunk of our
movie collection, that we could move between devices, would be great.

In the market for new smartphone(s) recently, lack of SD card has been
one way to filter down the choices. Fortunately the cheaper Chinese
manufacturers always include SD card slots.


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