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Re: [tlug] VPS providers in Japan

On 2014-08-19 at 19:07:28 Nicolas Limare wrote:
> * How does that compare with Linode or Amazon AWS, for example, which
>   both have datacenters in Tokyo?

That was my first question. I have a couple Linodes, one of which is in 
the Tokyo datacenter. From a quick look at the page, the 
significant differences are that is about 1/3 the price of 
Linode, and that it uses KVM instead of Xen. I don't know about AWS as 
i've not used that service.

I prefer Xen virtualization over KVM since it allows me to control 
*everything*, including my kernel, but many people won't care about 
that. So just from looking at the web page i'd say the 
service is promising. I'm not quite the target market and am happy with 
my Linode, but for people who are slightly less picky it looks to have 

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