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Re: [tlug] Smart phone vs Tablet: app on sd

Bruno Raoult writes:

> I would like my tablet to be a computer, Google decided decided it won't.

So here's the real problem: people want to use Android as a
Linux laptop, which it is not. It is both a different OS and a
different form factor, not necessarily better or worse, just
different. Because it runs the Linux kernel and can run the
programs you are used to (with different amounts of effort),
it is natural to try to use those, but you shouldn't really
complain that Android broke your Linux workflow. That's like
complaining that Linux doesn't run your Windows batch files.

Now, if only someone made an affordable Linux laptop with a
touchscreen that could actually sell... Maybe next year will
the year Linux finally comes to the desktop?

And, BTW, if you need a tablet with a lot storage, there is
always the 128GB iPad:

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