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Re: [tlug] Smart phone vs Tablet: app on sd

Christian Horn writes:

 > A colleague found an further solution for the 'not enough storage
 > on the tablet' issue: there are now boxes sold with a harddisk 
 > inside, a battery and a wlan accesspoint.  

Sure, if you want terabytes of online storage, that's great.  That's
not the point.

I agree with what Kalin said about "free to ask, free to ignore" to a
point, but the point remains that a tablet is ergonomically well-
designed for what it does, and designed to be self-contained.  We
should avoid physically hanging crap off it (even wireless hanging --
there are too many use cases where the Internet and even external
power are at best intermittently available) as much as possible.  This
is especially important for games and child-friendliness.

It's quite clear to me that Apple's behavior in this respect is all
about keeping you in the Apple network, buying from the AppStore and
iTunes.  I suppose Google is emulating them in devices sold under the
Google brand.  I wonder about Canonical (has anybody heard anything
about the Ubuntu devices recently, or did all that Kickstarter money
go down the toilet?)

I suspect that 95% of individual users (maybe 99%) don't miss these
capabilities though.  They're perfectly happy to delegate their
storage to the cloud.

There are corporate users though.  For example, the Peace Corps had a
large number of GSoC interns working on tablet based projects for them
this summer (mentors were drawn from various industry organizations, I
was working with the Anita Borg Institute/Systers, and not directly on
the Peace Corps projects).  Maybe such users could be convinced to
requisition those products.

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