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Re: [tlug] Japanese Input - Kubuntu 12.04 LTS

> As it happens I run Olde Reliable 10.04 on my main system and I don't
> feel the slightest pressure to upgrade. I suspect the system (a Compaq
> CQ61) will die before the pressure gets too high. 

That was my plan: but this notebook is only three years old and I paid
the extra for the four year guarantee. (And we all know computers never
die within guarantee.)

Unlike you I am starting to feel some pressure: Ubuntu 10.04 desktop is
now no longer supported, and support stopped at Chromium 25. I need to
test something in Chromium 26 or later! (Apparently, a bug affecting me
was fixed at that point.)

> With 10.04 Japanese input installed flawlessly on day one.

Same here. All this talk of it being difficult in later versions makes
me nervous.


P.S. If curious about the Chromium thing, see my question here:

I still don't know if installing from source would work, but I suspect
I'd still have key libraries that are now too old.

Plan B is to sign-up to BrowserStack and just test it there.

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