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Re: [tlug] Japanese Input - Kubuntu 12.04 LTS

On 10/08/2013 10:27 AM, Lyle H Saxon wrote:
.... hmm... so there's the Black Magic issue to contend with...

Yes. I have now noticed that, on my desktop that runs LibreOffice, the switch doesn't work. And, when I click on the icon in the system tray, it says "No Input Method" but, when I switch to another desktop ... like this one that runs T-Bird, I get on / off options. I am wondering if the problem is LibreOffice and not KDE.

I wish Suse hadn't been sold downriver - it used to be a great distro. Lyle

Please elucidate. I left SuSE after a brief tryout because it was always questioning my decisions to allow or reject things, especially new software installations. Since Hochdeutsch is meine zwitten Muttersprach I found some of the German-language help responses to be of the condescending "You're too stupid to do this, just go use another distro." variety, so I went back to Kubuntu. But, after recent comments from people here, I was about to take another look at what else is out there. My key search terms are "does what I want" and "doesn't require a lot of extraneous maintenance."

I had a brief run with Free BSD which I recall as being not especially painful but gave into the shallower learning curve of the *buntus with the results I am having now.


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