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Re: [tlug] Japanese Input - Kubuntu 12.04 LTS

Lyle H Saxon writes:

 > Stephen - Two questions:
 > 1) What distro are you using these days?

Debian testing, which is irrelevant because it's a headless server (I
do run X clients on it, but they get all of their resources from the
server running on Mac OS X or Gentoo).

Gentoo, which I can no longer recommend to anybody, as the dependency
system has been continuously wedged for about a year.  I only continue
using it because I haven't wanted to bother with a full migration.

 > 2) What would you recommend for a clicky-click mouse using idiot
 >    like me? ;)

>From personal experience, Mac OS X is the best I can do.

If you want to hear my biased opinion based on Ye Olde Garde
prejudice, I really have to wonder, "what's wrong with an Ubuntu of
appropriate vintage for each machine still running?"  Do you really
get enough benefit from upgrading to the latest and greatest to be
worth the cost when occasionally things go really south on a mission-
critical feature?  If you just like BrightShinyThings (nothing wrong
with that), couldn't you keep a workhorse box (or two ;-) that you
only upgrade when necessary for work stuff, and a toybox for the
latest cool things?  If your work depends on the latest and greatest
hardware and drivers to match (I guess as a photographer/media type
you really do need the best multimedia support you can get, right?),
you could run Old Reliable Ubuntu 10.04 "Lascivious Lemming" in a
VirtualBox (or vice versa, depending on how much performance you
need for the multimedia stuff).  Then you can easily cut and paste in
X (AFAIK, haven't tried it), or scp files from one VM to the other.

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