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Re: [tlug] Japanese Input - Kubuntu 12.04 LTS

On Mon, Oct 7, 2013 at 11:09 PM, Stephen J. Turnbull <> wrote:
> Lyle H Saxon writes:
>  > 1) What distro are you using these days?
> Debian testing, which is irrelevant because it's a headless server (I
> do run X clients on it, but they get all of their resources from the
> server running on Mac OS X or Gentoo).

Interesting.  Between my last post and this one, I tried installing
Debian 7.1, which (via command line install and rather long
installation process) appears to be successfully installed, although
it did say that "Gnome-3 failed to load" when booting up after the
installation completed.  But it's working and has a GUI desktop... so
what is it that failed to load exactly I wonder?

> Gentoo, which I can no longer recommend to anybody, as the dependency
> system has been continuously wedged for about a year.  I only continue
> using it because I haven't wanted to bother with a full migration.

I remember Josh was big on Gentoo back in the day....  OK - I'll steer
clear of that then.

>  > 2) What would you recommend for a clicky-click mouse using idiot
>  >    like me? ;)
> >From personal experience, Mac OS X is the best I can do.

Well... Mac isn't an option for financial reasons, and I need to make
some use of older hardware (both myself and some acquaintances who
call on me for shoe-string budget computing on junk machines).

> If you want to hear my biased opinion based on Ye Olde Garde
> prejudice, I really have to wonder, "what's wrong with an Ubuntu of
> appropriate vintage for each machine still running?"  Do you really
> get enough benefit from upgrading to the latest and greatest

Actually, the version of Ubuntu that doesn't work on this machine is
the last LTS version (the version before that works, but isn't
supported any more.  If it wasn't for support issues and needing to
use the Internet, sure, I'd just stick with older versions that
worked.  Also, when I help out friends (who are - shockingly enough -
even less skilled than I), I try to put in what they want.  All of
that said, for Mint, I just downloaded the latest release, the first
version of Mint I've ever tried.

So... how do you get Japanese rolling with Debian then? :)  I wanted
to be sure I didn't miss anything during the command line install, so
installed it in English.


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