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Re: [tlug] french input (was Unity and stuff...)

On Oct 25, 2011, at 3:39 PM, Lewske Wada wrote:

> Make your own .xmodmap and boast it's the international standard.
> At least I will follow you.

Ok, and while I modify my xmodmap, you feed my kids ? :)

> .Xmodmap Howto :

From the file (tongue in cheek, I really respect people who go that far):

> Why should I do this by hand?
> Answer 1: You want to get some more control and knowledge over your system.

Not really. Honestly, control over what dead keys do ? I could not care less. I just wish standard OSX-like user friendly input was standard on Linux.

> If you did it by hand, you'll know what to do when it doesn't work

OSX never "doesn't work" when it comes to input things.

You'll also notice that neither answer 2 nor answer 3 address the category of users to which I belong: multilingual users who just want something that works.

This is important because that's the point I'm making every time I meant Linux (distribution) contributors: Linux distributions are conceived with the monolingual user in mind. There are some extra cases that are covered by most distributions, like Japanese input on a "French" machine, but the reverse is not true: French input on a Japanese machine does not seem to belong to the realm of what's possible or useful as far as distribution designers are concerned.

In fact, that's exactly the same thing as in Windows. Trying to type French on a standard  Japanese Windows machine is a major pain in the butt: the Linux desktop should not attempt to copy all of Windows' flaws ;)

Jean-Christophe Helary
work: (ja/en > fr)

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