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Re: [tlug] Gigabit Internet connection

Edward Middleton wrote:

> Nick Bikkal wrote:
>> I'm getting upgraded automatically myself. This information is good to know.
> What are they upgrading you from?  I nearly got taken in with an upgrade
> at my last house.  They had originally installed what was the equivalent
> of a basic type (a dedicated 100Mbit link to the ISP) and were trying to
> switch me to some type of family plan (100Mbit to the nearest node and
> shared 1Gbit to the ISP).  They touted it as a 1Gbit link.  After
> quizzing the ISP, not the link provider, the ISP pointed out that there
> was no advantage to me, as the link to the  first node would be the
> limiting factor.  There was also the potential disadvantages of having a
> shared link to the ISP.  If you already have a shared link then it might
> not make any difference, but don't count on the link provider telling
> you about any potential downside.
> Edward

I have no idea how or why you are getting the messages I write when I'm not.


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