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Re: [tlug] Gigabit Internet connection

On 2008-12-09 15:40 +0900 (Tue), Gen Kanai wrote:

>> Probably just different modulation (encoding) of the signal; no
> I don't know for sure either but whatever it is, it is software.

No, it's hardware. In the same way you can replace a 300 baud modem with
a 1200 bps modem at either end of a phone line and have a connection
that's four times as fast, you can replace the modulators/demodulators
at each end of a piece of fibre and have more data bandwith available.

Especially in the earlier stages of technologies, the actual bandwidth
available from some particular set of networking components is often
a very small fraction of the theoretically available bandwidth of the
carrier medium.

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