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Re: [tlug] Gigabit Internet connection

On 2008-12-08 22:13 +0900 (Mon), Dave M G wrote:

> Enquiring minds want to know. What's the difference that makes 1Gb possible?

Probably just different modulation (encoding) of the signal; no
compression is involved. The ADSL link you have that was doing 500 Mbps
a few years ago can now do ten to fifty times that, and you may or may
not remember the days when modems ranged from 300 bps to 28,000 bps over
the same phone lines.

If you're of a particularly scientific bent, exploring "modulation" on
Wikipedia might be informative.

(Oh, and I think that "bragging rights" are a fine reason to upgrade to
1 Gbps. :-))

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