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Re: [tlug] Gigabit Internet connection

On Tue, 9 Dec 2008 16:09:14 +0900
Curt Sampson <> wrote:

> Especially in the earlier stages of technologies, the actual bandwidth
> available from some particular set of networking components is often
> a very small fraction of the theoretically available bandwidth of the
> carrier medium.

Well, theoretically possible is 2Bit/s per Hz of Bandwidth.
Most modulation systems don't go over 1Bit/s per Hz (for
various reasons). With xDSL and any other system that uses
wires that were never meant for high bandwidth applications,
the limit is given by the acheivable SNR (limited by cross coupling,
coupling of outside noise, damping) and by the maximum allowed
radiation (every long wire is a sending _and_ receiving antenna).

I'd be really surprised if anyone got to much more than 100Mbit/s
over normal telefon wires. Actually, if they really got acheivable
100Mbit/s over telefon wires...

				Attila Kinali
If you want to walk fast, walk alone.
If you want to walk far, walk together.
		-- African proverb

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