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Re: [tlug] Gigabit Internet connection

Nick Bikkal wrote:
> Edward Middleton wrote:
>> Nick Bikkal wrote:  
>>> I'm getting upgraded automatically myself. This information is good to know.

>> What are they upgrading you from?  I nearly got taken in with an upgrade
>> at my last house.

> I'm in a 1-family house. I had the 100 Mb installed 3 years ago - DTI I
> think is the company that I use.

I got my original connection a lot earlier when they were doing an
initial fiber push.  At that time they were offering a dedicated 100Mbit
connection to first time users for the cost of a shared family type
connection.  I imagine you are already using the type of family plan
they were trying to convert me to.  The issue with mine was a shared vs
dedicated connection.  With a shared line there is the potential for
other users to overload the connection and reduce your actual
bandwidth.  I gather they had to ask for my permission because what they
were offering had the potential to downgrade my service.  Apparently it
wasn't necessary to inform me of this fact in the letter they sent me.


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