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Re: [tlug] Gigabit Internet connection

Curt Sampson wrote:
On 2008-12-09 09:15 +0100 (Tue), Attila Kinali wrote:
I'd be really surprised if anyone got to much more than 100Mbit/s
over normal telefon wires. Actually, if they really got acheivable
100Mbit/s over telefon wires...

Here in Japan, we've got something called "Family" fibre, which
basically means that they terminate one strand at the demarc (or "MDF",
as they so cutely put it in Japan) in an apartment building and share
it amongst everyone. You get to the fibre via a pair of 100 Mbps SDSL
modems running over the internal building cabling. Now I don't know if
these *really* do 100 Mbps, but mine certainly managed more than 80
in each direction simultaneously when the tech. was testing the link
between my apartment and some place down the line. I'm on the fifth
floor; the demarc is on the first floor.

Isn't that mansion not family type. I have one of the variations of family type and its fiber all the way to the modem. Though it is only multi mode fiber.

We also have in Japan systems that will network over home power cable
(yes, the 100V stuff), which if I recall correctly claim to run at about
180 Mbps.

Apparently it performs great as long as your cable shielding is good and there are no other devices are on the line ;)

I presume you are talking about HD-PLC[1]. From what I heard it sounded like a decent idea for cheap appliance connectivity[2] but not something you would want to use for serious networking.


2. I gather the technology has the potential to be manufactured cheaply.

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