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Re: [tlug] Unlocked Android phone

On 09/12/08 10:44, Shawn wrote:

> Also, I know little of unlocked phones.  If I went on vacation to Guam,
> could I possible just get a card with minutes there to flip in.  I'll
> have to look into but thought someone might know.

The point about this phone is more that it is *unbranded* rather than unlocked.

Unlocked means that you can indeed use any SIM in it.

You can get a phone from an operator and have its SIM lock lifted, but the
phone will still be branded with the operator's customized firmware.

I don't know how it works for other brands, but as far as Nokia phones are
concerned, you need to get the phone unlocked and then you need to get
written permission from the network operator to debrand the phone legitimately.

Or you can do this:

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