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Re: [tlug] Japanese Input on CentOS / KDE


>That is, we have it so that you can input Japanese at will.
Um... I can? I mean, I know that I can start an application with 
Japanese input support by running some commands or scripts before I 
start that particular application. But is that really equivelant to 
having the feature universally available so that I can just start 
inputting Japanese when it occurs to me to do so? With the knowledge I 
have now, I have to decide before I start each application whether or 
not I intend to input Japanese, or configure each application 
individually. This seems much less efficient than just making a setting 
that will be there for all applications.

Unless I missed something here, it seems like what we've accomplished is 
to get Japanese input in principle, so that I can do it if I really want 
it. But I would hardly count the current set up as being user friendly.

I hope I don't sound ungrateful, because I'm really grateful for all the 
help you've given. And maybe, just maybe, I might be able to figure out 
what to do from here to get Japanese input universally available as I 
hope to.

But I thought part of this exercise was to create the basis for a web 
page that one could direct users to so they could get Japanese up and 
running. I have a feeling that the current list of instructions would 
leave most users, like me, thinking, "yeah, but how do I get it so I 
don't have to do all this set up each time I want to write in 
Japanese?". Which will then have them posting to this mailing list 
asking exactly that.

Please don't think I'm pressing for you to take me to the end zone, I'm 
just genuinely confused about how this kind of set up for Japanese input 
could be considered desireable or done.


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