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Re: [tlug] Japanese Input on CentOS / KDE


>As I'm finding the scim/anthy combo quite flexible, I'm tempted to steer
>you towards them.   However, in the interim (I'm getting ready to go to
>work at present)
Go ahead and steer me to the flexible methods! Right now I have no 
experience, preferences, or faith in any one method for Japanese input, 
so if someone who does have experience, i.e you, says scim/anthy has 
advantages over the other, then I'm totally up for installing and using 
that one.

Anyway, here are the results of the commands you suggested:

[ dave]# which cannaserver kinput2

In the ntsysv screen, there were, of course, lots of things unrelated to 
Japanese input, so I tried to focus on the ones that I knew were 
relevant. However, this leaves us open to the possibility that there 
were some Japanese related services with names I didn't recognize in the 
list that I don't know to make mention of. Anyway, here were the 
services I recognized, and their status:
[ ] FreeWnn
[*] canna
[*] iiim


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