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Re: [tlug] Japanese Input on CentOS / KDE

>>>>> "Dave" == Dave Gutteridge <> writes:

    Dave> it refers to Japanese with euc encoding, whereas it seems -
    Dave> though maybe I'm misinformed about this - that the modern
    Dave> Linux builds are using UTF-8.

They are.  You can deal with that later; you need to get Japanese
input working or it won't matter what encoding you use.  Many apps
(X?Emacs, web browsers, all mail/news apps) are happy to use many
different encodings simultaneously.

What is more important is that as far as I know kinput2 has never been
updated to handle IIIMF, so that's an XIM setup.  XIM has lots of
problems, although it basically works.  IIIMF can be a big
improvement, depending on the apps you use, and newer apps may not
know how to use XIM at all.

    Dave> So that makes me a little concerned that the information may
    Dave> be out of date.

Do you want to be up-to-date or do you want Japanese input?  Scott's
instructions will work for you, too.  Once you've got the individual
parts working, you can then go on to tune the whole system.

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