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Re: [tlug] Japanese Input on CentOS / KDE

Scott Robbins wrote:

> For Gentoo, the link will be

Written by a lad from the US who calls himself Sudrien, that document
has been continuously updated for months now, and is a comprehensive
text covering everything you need to know if all you want is something
that works. Consulting the Gentoo Forums in general will be rather
helpful if you get stuck at any point, besides Sudrien and many others
the maintainer for skim (the KDE interface for scim) is a forum
regular, too (watch out for Liuspider). Still, that Howto is not the
type of Japanese IME guide that finds them all and in the darkness
binds them. The only document I know that comes close to that
description is Mike Fabian's, which indeed gives
an excellent overview of the various concepts and tools, but it's been
written with SuSE^wNovell users in mind, and doesn't provide any
step-by-step instructions for other distributions.

Some of the Japanese Gentoo developers and documentation translators
have started to work on a wiki covering a whole collection of CJK input
methods, with a focus and how to make them work in Gentoo Linux,
branching off this page:
Sadly, it's a little outdated, and I dare say they'll need some
encouragement if they ever want to finish it, but it's a good starting

Ulrich Plate

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