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Re: [tlug] Japanese Input on CentOS / KDE

Count me as another vote for keeping this discussion on the list or 
failing that, taking me with you!

I've been fumbling around with Japanese IME's at home on Gentoo and at the 
office with Debian.  I started on Scott's page and I certainly appreciated 
the information that was there.

However I couldn't get anything to work until I had visited many more 
pages and basically combined all the advice and essentiall started 
getting/emerging every single package mentioned anywhere by anyone.  Now 
almost everything works but sadly I can't tell why.  "Just working" is not 
good enough because for my project I need to really understand IME.

The closest thing to a breakthrough I've had so far came from installing 
UIM and as many of its friends and relations I could find. 

Once I had uim I could type uim- {tab} {tab} and see a handful of choices 
of commands starting with uim-  including uim-im-switcher-gtk.  This gave 
me some very nice menus which finally started to cause the IME scene to 
make a little bit of sense.  Not enough sense for me to know what's really 
going on but at least I can start to believe there is some method to the 
method madness.

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