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RE: [tlug-digest] Re: [tlug] JPG & GIF Issue

Ack.. I accidently sent these to a person instead of the group.  Sorry!!

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Subject: [tlug-digest] Re: [tlug] JPG & GIF Issue


I would usualy include more of the message, but there are several copies
floating arround the list. :)

The subject of compression ratios, and copying files.  The only effect
it has outside of a graphics viewer is file size.  If your system is
capable of running linux AND an email program that is a non-issue. :)

Bad sectors:  Windows will write files to bad sectors if you don't know
how to tell it not too.  Furthermore, if you overwrite a file, it will
write it to the exact same physical location.  If you delete a file, and
then recreate it, the same algorythms that put the file there to start
with still apply, so there is a good chance it will happen again.  Best
bet is to rename the file before copying the new copy to the floppy. :)
My personal prefrence is to go with a memory stick of some sort, or a
USB device or something.  Floppies and Zip disks like to get corrupted
easily. ^^;;

I don't much like floppies when I can avoid them. :)

Oh, before I forget.  Beautiful pictures. :)

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