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Re: [tlug-digest] Re: [tlug] JPG & GIF Issue


>The subject of compression ratios, and copying files.  The only effect
>it has outside of a graphics viewer is file size.  If your system is
>capable of running linux AND an email program that is a non-issue. :)
>Bad sectors:  Windows will write files to bad sectors if you don't know
>how to tell it not too.  Furthermore, if you overwrite a file, it will
>write it to the exact same physical location.  If you delete a file, and
>then recreate it, the same algorythms that put the file there to start
>with still apply, so there is a good chance it will happen again.  Best
>bet is to rename the file before copying the new copy to the floppy. :)
>My personal prefrence is to go with a memory stick of some sort, or a
>USB device or something.  Floppies and Zip disks like to get corrupted
>easily. ^^;;  I don't much like floppies when I can avoid them. :)

I was using flash memory via a USB compact flash card reader, but that 
was the one thing that would lock up my computer from time to time, so I 
took to using floppies for things under 1.4MB and CD-RW for larger 
things.  I haven't tried the USB flash memory reader since upgrading to 
SuSE 9.3 though, so maybe that problem is a fixed issue.

>Oh, before I forget.  Beautiful pictures. :)

Thanks!  The one constant in my life since about 10 years of age has 
been photography.  I wish I'd had the technology available now back 
then.  At least having a fully manual film camera forced me to think 
about the basics more (I see parallels in the making after saying that...).


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