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Re: [tlug] Website Question(s)

Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:

>Go to Bookstore and tachiyomi OReilly books [snip]
>First, it's called a tilde (hankaku nami in Japanese).

Thanks. I was just thinking last night that I either need to save up 
enough money to pay someone to teach me more basics or I need to get my 
mitts on some good books.

>[snip]  The tilde is considered unsafe because it is an abbreviation which has
>different meanings in different contexts, and thus behavior is
>somewhat indeterminate.

Ah... "indeterminate" could translate to "erratic behavior"! The 
inconsistency of the thing is what's hard to deal with. Sometimes the 
title bar shows it that way, sometimes it doesn't; sometimes the man in 
Portugal can open the pages, sometimes he can't.....


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