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Re: [tlug] Website Question(s)

"Stephen J. Turnbull" <> writes:

>     Michael> That is indeed some crazy and bizarre, wacky mixed-up
>     Michael> stuff. I have no idea what in the world may be going on
>     Michael> there. Maybe some kind of prank.
> *sigh*  Go to Bookstore and tachiyomi OReilly books, do not pass Go, do
> not collect Summer Bonus.

OReilly books? Does that have anything to do with by Bill
O'Reilly, that guy on Fox News? I don't think I want to buy any
books written by that guy.

> First, it's called a tilde (hankaku nami in Japanese).
> Second, as you can see, the encoded form is not two characters, it's
> three: %7E, the URL escape character followed by the ASCII code for
> tilde in hexadecimal.

hmm, that's kind of strange coincidence. "7E" was one of the code
numbers in that story I remembered about that those two old guys
who told each other jokes using code numbers. "3F" was another.

Anyways, thanks for setting me straight. Much appreciated!


Michael Smith

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