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Re: [tlug] Website Question(s)

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon wrote:

> ...... A friend in Portugal is having trouble accessing some of the 
> pages that he had no problem accessing before, so I'm searching for 
> answers running through whatever I can think of.  The page in question 
> is this one:

Another thing - since I'm not (yet) paying extra to have a 
proper-looking website address, I'm using the weird one my provider 
stuck me with, which includes (what is it called?) a.... squiggly line, 
as can be seen in the middle of the following site address:

What is weird is that sometimes (not always) this squiggly line becomes 
two characters - a "%" and a "7", as follows:

Is the bloody squiggly line actually a two-bit character that must be a 
"%" and a "7" on some computers?  Whatever bozo thought it was a good 
idea to put that in there should have their neck wrung!


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