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[tlug] Website Question(s)

This is not really a Linux question, but since I'm doing what I'm doing 
for my website on Linux, I'm hoping I can squeak it in here.

Is there some kind of limit on the number of .jpg files that can be in 
one folder?  I have a page with links to HTML files - all of which are 
pulling photos from the same folder.  Does it create some kind of 
bottleneck when too many files are being pulled from the same location?  
A friend in Portugal is having trouble accessing some of the pages that 
he had no problem accessing before, so I'm searching for answers running 
through whatever I can think of.  The page in question is this one:

 From now, I'm creating a second folder both for new HTML pages as well 
as for the .jpg images - hopefully I won't have to rename the older 
batch (lost links, etc.).


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