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Re: [tlug] Website Question(s)

"Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon" <> writes:

> What is weird is that sometimes (not always) this squiggly line becomes 
> two characters - a "%" and a "7", as follows:
> Is the bloody squiggly line actually a two-bit character that must be a 
> "%" and a "7" on some computers?  Whatever bozo thought it was a good 
> idea to put that in there should have their neck wrung!

That is indeed some crazy and bizarre, wacky mixed-up stuff. I
have no idea what in the world may be going on there. Maybe some
kind of prank.

Anyway, for some reason, it reminds me of that story about two old
comedians who use the same joke book, in which all the jokes are
numbered with a code -- a number followed by a letter. (The
letter, I guess, is maybe the chapter the joke is in, or something.)

They are both so old that they have basically memorized every joke
in the book, and all the codes. So, when they get together and
talk, one of them will suddenly say a code number, and the other
will start cracking up laughing. Then the second old guy will say
a different code number, which will make the first guy laugh.

So this kid comes along, notices the numbered joke book and
figures out the connection. So he buys a copy of the book at a
bookstore, takes it home, reads through the whole thing, and picks
out the two jokes that he thinks are the funniest ones in the
book, and memorizes the code numbers for those. Then he goes to
the where the old comedians are hanging out, and walks up to say
hello to them.  After exchanging pleasantries, he says, hey, I
have something to tell you guys. And they say, OK, kid, shoot. And
he says: "7E".

Silence. The two old comedians just stare at the kid.

So the kid figures, OK, _I_ thought that one was pretty funny, but
hey, there's a big age difference, maybe their sense of humor is
different, maybe they don't like that one so much. So he says: "3F".

Silence. Again the old guys just stare at him.

The kid is pretty frustrated at this point. He says to them,
"Listen, you guys. I just went and got a copy of the same joke
book you're using, and I picked out the two best jokes in the
whole book. I mean, you can't tell me those jokes aren't funny."

So the first old guy looks at the second one and smiles and then
looks back and says, "Sure, kid, those are both great jokes. The
problem is, you're just not telling them right."

Michael Smith

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