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[tlug] pictures and publishing (was: But too much logs kills the logs: How to Grok Logs)

On Mon, 11 Jun 2012 11:35:46 +0200
Bruno Raoult <> wrote:

> PS. I think video and support documents are very different: For the first
> one, I understand the owner issue.
> For the second, I am less sure. If the speaker allows a video to be taken,
> who is the real owner? You start
> to make me afraid about all my holidays pics and videos, hehehe :-) In
> France, everybody could have *any*
> video in which they appear taken off from any public space. We saw that
> with Google Street, and I understand this.
> But this is about privacy (as opposed to ownership).

I dont know french law, but german and swiss law are very specific
here: You are not allowed to publish pictures or videos of other
people unless you ask them for permission. There is an exception
for pictures taken in public places, where lots of people are
seen on the picture (ie "scenery" pictures). Then you don't need
to get permission from everyone. But, this excludes sensitive
places like hospitals, court houses, and similar privacy sensitive

In short: if you have taken pictures at a beachparty and a few
of your friends are seen in the back, then you have to ask them
for permission before you upload the picture to facebook.

Apropos facebook, with their "you assign all copyrights to us
for every picture you upload" it is just a time bomb until someone
sues them for a picture of him that a friend uploaded. And using
the picture of someone for comercial purposes without his explicit
permission can be... ..uhmm.. get you introuble.. serious trouble.

			Attila Kinali

Why does it take years to find the answers to
the questions one should have asked long ago?

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