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Re: [tlug] But too much logs kills the logs: How to Grok Logs

Hi Bruno,

On Sunday, June 10, 2012 04:07 PM, Bruno Raoult wrote:
Maybe I was not clear, sorry. I meant: I have already a few
backups, and afraid of spending too much time to (1) change the
script and especially (2) revert all previous backups to the
new format.
I never said these systems were not good, they are surely
*very good* :-)

Quite frankly, you're giving yourself more work than is necessary.

Say that today, you start the new system. You don't migrate the old system. You keep that up until yesterday. Thanks to the hardlinks, you will only use 2 times *additional* space -- one time for the old system and one more time for the new system.

In a few years' time, the old system will no longer be needed, so erase that.

Why spend time migrating to a new system? It's like DVDs replacing VHS tapes and hesitating to release DVDs because then you will have to convert all the old VHS tapes to DVDs. What manufacturers did was release the DVDs anyway and, in time, the VHS tapes phase out...

(In fact, rsnapshot phases out old snapshots automatically. The older it is, the less frequently they are kept. It's generally the same principle.)

I did read it, of course... The term "private" was surely
not appropriate.

Ok, don't worry about using the wrong term! I see what you mean.

"Unpublished"  could be a better word? My question was about
material (but surely not meeting or nomikai information :-).
I wondered
if *technical* docs were available for a possible translation.

Again, I think Edward's reply was quite clear. You will need to see what you would like and ask him to get in touch with the person who gave the talk. What you see on the web site is all there is...there are no hidden documents. [I'm not saying this as a TLUG admin, but as someone who once gave a talk and no one asked me for what I presented.]

Moreover, if someone gave a technical talk, I don't think TLUG "owns" the materials. So, if you're thinking you can just go to TLUG and download things and translate them without asking the person who made them, then you might be making a mistake...


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