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Re: [tlug] Android in Japan at last?

Hi guys,
I am Matteo from Italy. I am not often writing, but always reading the newsletter.
I was waiting the htc magic in Japan since last year and finally it seems is coming out.
I tried to ask in some docomo shop, but they do not know the exact release date yet (or they did not want to tell me).
As far as I read the max storage is only 2gb (so no sdhc card supported) but I hope I read a wrong info.

Concerning the price how will it be? Now I have Au, and in October I will finish my 2 year contract allowing me to switch to docomo.
But how about the rates?
I read that there is a basic fee around 3000 Yen + a flat fee for FOMA around 5000 Yen. Am I correct? if it is the case it seems to me really expensive. As google services will be used, how do you synchronise the mail, calendar, etc?? If there is no special package for this phone the customer will be obliged to take the basic fee + the flat fee. Otherwise how can we do the synchronisation? I am still a bit confused about this topic.
Does someone know something more?

Thank you

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