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[tlug] Android in Japan at last?


A little while ago I was whining because it seemed like gPhones/Android would never come to Japan in any reasonable time frame.

I might be wrong. Docomo has apparently announced the HT-03A phone for launch sometime from June or July:

For some reason, I hate Docomo, though I can't remember why.

But I'm willing to leave SoftBank for Docomo if it means getting my long awaited open-source phone (I can reasonably call it an open source phone, can't I? At least on the software level?).

Maybe... I'm still not sure of the specs. I don't see anything about how many GB of storage (or even if it has GBs... MBs?) and it's usability as a music player.

But it is pretty sexy looking. I was worried I'd be embarrassed to show my sad-ass looking T-mobile G1 style phone in front of my iPhone using friends. But the HT-03A has a nice clean design.

I'm mentioning it now because you guys always seem to have the inside track on potential problems.

If anyone can think of why I shouldn't jump immediately onto the gPhone bandwagon... let me know?

Dave M G

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