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Re: [tlug] Android in Japan at last?

Godwin Stewart writes:
 > On 27/05/09 12:25, Dave M G wrote:
 > > Looks like additional storage is with a miniSD card, up to 4GB capacity. 
 > > Hopefully in the future it can support an 8GB card as well.
 > MiniSD cards of 4GB are necessarily SDHC cards, which means that the card
 > reader itself should support cards up to 32GB. The only limiting factor here
 > is whether or not the O/S can manage filesystems greater than 4GB.

Do check.  The Zaurus SLC-3000 driver has a silly limitation of 1GiB on
SD cards.  I could understand 2GiB (32-bit ssize_t) or 4GiB (32 bit
size_t), but 1GiB?[1]

[1]  Yes, I know about fpos64_t, I'm just too lazy to track down the
exactly right idioms.  But then, almost sure the author of the driver
was, too.  Hm ... do I want to be keeping that company?! ;-)

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