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Re: [tlug] Android in Japan at last?

2009/5/27 Nikolay Elenkov <>:
> 2009年 5月 27日(水)12:33 am に Dave M G さんは書きました:
>> Maybe... I'm still not sure of the specs. I don't see anything about how
>> many GB of storage (or even if it has GBs... MBs?) and it's usability as
>> a music player.
> Looks like:
> ROM 512MB
> RAM 192MB
> Cf.
> The phone is actually HTC Magic, so you could look that up if you need
> more details. Price might be 3 man with a two year contract (rumoured), 5
> man otherwise.
> There is actually quite a bit of detail on that site, including Q&A and
> differences from a 'normal' Docomo phone. No i-mode, Felica or oneseg.
> Not even emoji or BeeTV (whatever that may be). Not that you should care...

No felica and emoji is such a no go for me. BeeTV is a new service
from docomo. sort of TV on demand stuff. That launched recently, but I
dunno how it works, guess streaming or so.

Clemens Schwaighofer /

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