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[tlug] Amarok 2 sucks (Was: Database frontend in Linux)

Josh et all,
They're working on a new version of Amarok, which breaks most of what
made it awesome

Amarok 2.0 comes standard in Ubuntu Jaunty, so I gave it a whirl when I upgraded. Unfortunately, what Josh says is spot on. Amarok 2 is a hot mess of unusable interface, poorly implemented new features, incompatibility with previous play lists, and other problems.

Amarok 1.4 is sweet music listening goodness, so much so that it makes you wonder why they went so wrong with version 2.0. I understand they had to conform to new KDE standards, but still...

Anyhoo... if you're on Ubuntu and you get saddled with the crap-fest of Amarok 2.0, follow this guide to get Amarok 1.4 back:

Hopefully in the future the Amarok developers will come to grips with how much they have ruined a good thing and bring future Amarok versions back in line with what worked so well before.

Dave M G

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