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Re: [tlug] Database frontend in Linux

2009/5/24 Raedwolf Summoner <>:

> Hotmail shows that I have not sent this message. I thought I just did, so
> apologies if this is a repeat.

First I've seen of it, anyway. :)

> On your recommendation, Josh, I just tried Amarok and found it to be an
> excellent program.

They're working on a new version of Amarok, which breaks most of what
made it awesome, namely that it Just Works(TM) by indexing your
music's ID tags and offering up all sorts of neat browsing and
searching options on it.

>The "Fetch Cover from Amazon" feature
> is also interesting for showing the thumbnails at a glance with the
> collections. This feature did not work well for the first several CDs I
> tried, though. When searching for a common title such as 30 Greatest or Lo
> Mejor de lo Mejor, it offered up a long list of unrelated artists to flip
> through.

Yeah, I've found with that option, you have to manually pare down the
search terms sometimes for Greatest Hits-type stuff. Dunno why that
is, as simply searching Amazon's music category seems to work pretty
well. I should investigate an Amarok cover query and see if it is
doing something brain-dead. It should really be issuing an AWS query
to the music logical index for optimal results. (Full disclosure: I
work for Amazon on product search.)

> I really appreciate all the friendly help. Thanks.

Thank CL for mentioning that you were a beer guru; this really got the
help flowing. ;)


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