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Re: [tlug] OT: A Good Read

Martin Killmann writes:

 > After reading the article, I think you can take the point he makes
 > beyond the difference of "working with your hands" and "sitting at a
 > desk".


 > He makes a case for old-fashioned craftsmanship.

I respectfully disagree.  He is (ultimately) making the case that
craftsmanship is not possible in a corporate environment, because too
much of the work done in that environment depends on "strategic"
decisions" that cannot encapsulated as "good craftsmanship".

>From a personal point of view, this can create huge amounts of
stress.  Some people should avoid working in that kind of environment.
See also "Worse Is Better", by Richard P. Gabriel.

 > With a hands-on task like repairing a bike, the your work gets immediate
 > feedback. Either the bike runs or it doesn't. It's the same with
 > software.

YMMV, but in the software I work on it unfortunately ain't so.
There's a reason why the standard kind of thread on software channels
is called "bikeshedding", not "bike repairing", you know!

 > What he criticizes are corporate cultures where your work is not judged
 > by the quality of your results, but compliance to standard procedure and
 > personal ego.

If it's medical software, air traffic control, or Social Security you
work on, I hope compliance to procedure is a large part of what you're
judged on.  Momma don't want no cowboys hacking 'round here, Lord,

So it's just not that easy.  To be a craftsman in the corporate
environment requires more skills than just technical ones.

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