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Re: [tlug] Amarok 2 sucks

On Wed, May 27, 2009 at 20:18, Dave M G <> wrote:
> Clemens,
>> Sort of makes linux on the desktop even a bigger
>> joke to me ...
> That's kind of a quantum leap, from finding fault with KDE to dismissing
> Linux entirely.

yeah, sorry, that was kinda stupid, but I was just struggling around
with some usual crap (flash, no sound, no idea why bla bla) so I was a
bit annoyed. But the "linux on the desktop" stuff, shouldn't be
discussed, because that is a never ending discussion.

for KDE 4, yes, it is a letdown. It looks nice, it works pretty well,
but so many things I was used from KDE 3 are missing, that I am still
holding back on the upgrade as long as I can.

> I don't use KDE, I use Gnome/Compiz. And I use Xfce on my laptop.

Compiz works just flaweless with gnome/xfce, but completely fails with
KDE, but KDE4 has built in one, but I can't test it yet, as vmware
doesn't support that of course.

I just could never work with gnome, for whatever reason. Perhaps I
should give it a try once more? On the other hand, I would miss
kate/kwrite so much :)

Clemens Schwaighofer /

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