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Re: [tlug] Wayne's kickapoo joy juice

> I think Wayne has already opened up that bar and this weekend marks six
> months since doing so.

You know someone who knows 'im, do ya?  :)

Good on ya, mate! Best wishes for your success in the endeavor. I'll have to
come by. Put up a link with directions, if you don't mind.

> At the moment he has some Ozenoyukidoke IPA and
> some Minoh Pale Ale on tap.

The real juice, eh. That sounds great. I'm drooling.

> I hear Wednesdays are closed and he will go to Hibiya Park tomorrow to
> sample some Fujizakura beers. The Oktoberfest is on there till the
> 31st.

Oh no, I'll miss that. I've promised the wife to go on a weekend trip
with her starting Friday morning. Can't make it to Hibiya Park.

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