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[tlug] Amarok album covers

2009/5/27 Raedwolf Summoner <>:

> Yes, Josh, [freedb does have covers]. My rippers get the covers so they show up while the
> songs
> from any particular CD are playing. In my experience, freedb almost always
> gets
> the right cover the first time. I think if they didn't have the right CD
> (hence cover)
> they wouldn't get the right song titles.

The advantage that your rippers have over Amarok (and the reason they
get it right the first time) is that they have something like a MD5
sum of the CD itself, which is close enough to a perfect hash function
that each bucket usually contains just one item, i.e. the CD you were
looking for.

Amarok could do this, but it would be difficult, given that the ripped
music would hash to a different value, and the list of possible CDs
would be wrong. I imagine that a raw title search on freedb would not
be much better than what Amarok does now.

I think the best idea for Amarok is to fix the Amazon search. I may
actually do this one of these days, in my CAOST. ;)


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