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Re: [tlug] MPEG stream analyser?

>>>>> "Lyle" == Lyle Saxon <Lyle> writes:

    Lyle> Which sounds like it's triggered by the software - in which
    Lyle> case it seems like it would be technically feasible
    Lyle> (legality aside) to ignore the request to choose or feed
    Lyle> back what the firmware wants to hear.  But that would be too
    Lyle> simple...

Actually, it might be that simple.  Remember, locks are for honest
(and/or ignorant) people.  All the DVD cartel really needs to do is
make it inconvenient enough for the average Jiro or Aiko to work
around, and they get rich.

(Income) security by obscurity---it works!  (Of course, not once they
eliminate "yutori kyoiku" and all our children grow up to be above
average <koff> ... but I digress.)

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              ask what your business can "do for" free software.

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