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Re: [tlug] MPEG stream analyser?

Josh Glover wrote:

>I have been playing a lot with MPEG streams recently, in the attempt
>to back all of my Region 1 DVDs up in preparation for the (hopeful)
>move to Japan.

An easier way would be to just buy a Y10,000 used computer, put in a 
Y7,000 DVD drive and then set it to play Region-1.  The firmware of a 
DVD drive sold in Japan will start on Region-2 (I think), but putting in 
a Region-1 disk allows you to change regions.  The firmware (without 
hacking) allows you to do this four times (I think) before it locks onto 
a region and cannot be changed again.  A simpler option still would be 
to buy a DVD player that plays Region-1.  By saving movies in MPEG 
streams, aren't you losing things like closed caption, extra audio 
tracks, etc?  Shamefaced, I admit that I'm using W2K for this myself, 
but since it's a stand-alone never-on-line box, security isn't an issue....


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