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[tlug] MPEG stream analyser?

I have been playing a lot with MPEG streams recently, in the attempt
to back all of my Region 1 DVDs up in preparation for the (hopeful)
move to Japan.

I have worked out most of the issues surrounding DVD backup on Unix
(see my new QND-Guide[1] on the issue if you are interested), but one
tool that I lack is an MPEG stream analyser that works like
streamanalyse or lsdvd, both from the StreamDVD project[2], but on an
MPEG file, not a VOB file on a DVD.

The information I am specifically interested in is:

- stream type
- stream ID
- stream size (in bytes)

e.g. (this is the output from the aforementioned streamanalyze):

Title 1 - 29 Chapters (3530691 Blocks /  7230855168 Bytes) - Runtime 8898 sec.

Track List:
X   0xe0  MPEG Video  6194615223 Bytes
X   0x80   AC3 Audio   510246912 Bytes
X   0x81   AC3 Audio   218677248 Bytes
X   0x82   AC3 Audio   218677248 Bytes
X   0x21  Subpicture     4986797 Bytes
X   0x23  Subpicture     4986797 Bytes
X   0x25  Subpicture     4986797 Bytes
X   0x27  Subpicture     4986797 Bytes
X   0x20  Subpicture     4986797 Bytes
X   0x24  Subpicture     4986797 Bytes

Size of selected streams:  7230855168 Bytes
Max. target size        :  4700000000 Bytes
Factor                  :  1.691

Seems like this should be simple enough, and I could easily whip
something up in C using one of the myriad MPEG libraries, but I would
rather just find a tool that handles this.

--Josh "I'm not a crook" Glover


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