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Re: [tlug] MPEG stream analyser?

Dmytro Koval'ov wrote:

>On Tue, 15 Mar 2005 15:26:56 +0900, Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon 
>>Have you tried going back and forth from Region-1 to Region-2 with it?
>>My understanding is that since the firmware is what allows the switch,
>>isn't that software independent?  Or is that firmware issue software
>>induced?  I hope it *is* software induced, as then I'll not have to use
>>two computers to handle both regions!
>That depend on the DVD drive itself. Older RPC-1 drives depend of
>software to set region, newer (since Jan 2000) RPC-2 drives have
>counter in firmware that allow you to switch region up to 5 times.
>Since 1st Jan 2000 it is mandatory, that all DVD drives  be produced
>as RPC-2's

Okay, but what exactly triggers the firmware counter?  Is it triggered 
by internally detecting the region - in which case hacking the firmware 
(dangerous, but possible apparently) would be the only way around it, or 
is it triggered via feedback from the software?  If it's triggered via 
feedback from the software, then it could be ignored....

As for five times, I think it actually amounts to four, because they 
count the first setting (not chosen by the purchaser of the hardware) as 
one, so the first time you change it, it's counted as two.


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