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Re: [tlug] MPEG stream analyser?

Dmytro Koval'ov wrote:

>OK, counter is triggered by you, when you command to change region.
>Right? Counter is NOT triggered when you try to play DVD. Simply, if
>you DVD drive is set to region that differs from DVD you try to play,
>it won't.

Which sounds like it's triggered by the software - in which case it 
seems like it would be technically feasible (legality aside) to ignore 
the request to choose or feed back what the firmware wants to hear.  But 
that would be too simple... I suppose the firmware is set to not play 
anything until the software requests a change in the case of the disk 
being a different region from what was originally set.

Back to four or five - I rethought that and realize that something 
strange happened with my Region-1 player... I watched my first DVD on it 
- a Region-1 disk from the US, and there was no request for anything, 
but then when I watched a different disk (also Region-1), it requested a 
change to Region-1 - indicating before I clicked OK that there were four 
changes left.  At the time, I just figured that the first disk was an 
All-Region disk, but I just checked it, and it's a Region-1.  I hope 
there isn't a glitch that is triggering that with some Region-1 disks 
(even though no other regions have been used) - and thereby shutting 
down my Region-1 capabilities.....

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