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Re: [tlug] MythTV in Japan

> The Kuroutoshikou CX23416GYC-STVLP MPEG capture card is a Hauppage 250
> clone; it is well-supported by ivtv.

Sounds like a plan...!

> I'm almost finished building mine.  I used an EPIA-M board (Nehemiah -- 1GHz,
> the one with the fan).  Get as large of a hard drive as you can justify.
> I haven't managed to get the motherboard MPEG decoder to work; Xorg's latest
> release handles the on-board video chip's TV output fine.

Excuse my ignorance, but I wasn't quite sure what an EPIA-M board was
so I did a little digging. It seems quite cool, but I am not sure
about the processor. Is this an Intel Chip? an AMD chip? Something
different all together? If the latter is true, when I go about getting
a linux distrobution, which architecture do I use?

As I mentioned I am about to start my first Linux system and am going
crazy trying to decide what kind of box I should build. Its main
function will be to teach me Linux and to use Myth. All these
distributions to choose from...

Finally, I tried to find the Kuroutoshikou board but was unable to
around here. Any recommendations for ordering it online? (any place
that you guys regularily use?) Im in Shikoku so sometimes shipping can
be limited...

thanks in advance and sorry for all the very general questions. i feel
like im lost at sea...


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