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[tlug] AdBookWorkaround

As a follow-up to my not being able to export the address book from 
Mozilla - I'm able to import address books with no problem, so - by 
using an old off-line W-box, I'm able to import address books (with an 
old version of Netscape) and keep them updated that way.  It's for 
reasons like this however that I have to maintain a dual computer 
operation with both L-boxes and W-boxes.

But... Ladies and Gentlemen, I Have a Dream - that one day, I will be 
able to do everything on Linux.  That one day, I will be completely 
MicroMuck-free.  That one day, the world will be a better place and stop 
its downward spiral.

Until that time, dual systems and KVM switches are the only way to go!


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