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[tlug] Re: Alan Cox's remark at Fosdem

Uva Coder wrote:
> To paraphrase, Alan Cox at Fosdem admitted that:
>      The Linux kernels's VM system was not understandable and because
> of this they were too scared to bug fix it.
> If Alan is telling the truth then something is very wrong in the Linux camp.

Quoting Linus Torvalds ( on a recent
tty-layer problem:

'However, then when I start looking at n_tty_receive_room() and
n_tty_receive_buf(), my stomach gets a bit queasy. I have this
horrid feeling that I had something to do with the mess, but I'm
going to lash out and blame somebody else, like tytso, for most of
it. That's some _old_ code, regardless (gone through a lot of "let's
fix up that detail", but not a lot of "boy, I bet we could fix it

'Who here feels they know n_tty and have a strong stomach?  Raise
your hands now. Don't be shy.'


Tobias						PGP:

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