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Re: [tlug] MythTV in Japan

David Bennett <> wrote:
> Excuse my ignorance, but I wasn't quite sure what an EPIA-M board was
> so I did a little digging. It seems quite cool, but I am not sure
> about the processor. Is this an Intel Chip? an AMD chip? Something
> different all together?

The last.  It is a VIA(same as the chipset company)-made CPU that uses
the x86 instruction set and socket 370 (like a Pentium III).

> Finally, I tried to find the Kuroutoshikou board but was unable to
> around here. Any recommendations for ordering it online? (any place
> that you guys regularily use?) Im in Shikoku so sometimes shipping can
> be limited...

Both Yodobashi & Bic Camera carries the brand so you might be able to
find it there or ask them to order 1 for you.  Here are a few shops that
carries it but they all seem to be out of stock and needs about 1 week
to fill an order.


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